Our approach to the Estes’ Civic Center Park family session was a little different than traditional family portraits. Over time we have found our passion has grown to the candid style of photography. The natural photos are not just rewarding to us but tend to be the photos our clients latch on to as well. With our new approach we have been rewarded with some amazing clients that also share a similar view of photography.

The Estes family session at Civic Center Park was a hit from the beginning. Both of the kids laughed, played and explored the city around them.

Sweet little Collin is at the age where he rewards everyone with his big smile that seems to be contagious. He loves to cuddle and is not shy at giving some love to his mom and dad. Campbell has a soft soul. She constantly is checking in on her little brother and making sure everyone is involved in the activity at task. She takes her role as big sister very seriously. As soon as she heard the fire trucks loud sirens bass by she insisted on comforting little Collin with a big hug.

Thank you Brian & Katy for inviting me out to capture your beautiful family and I appreciate your trust. Enjoy the photos.

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