We had perfect light and lots of animals to work with for the Ferguson family Golden maternity session. Being that we did the shoot at their home everyone on the farm got to partake in pictures. Pokey and Daisey, the two donkeys, wanted to be front and center. I found myself shooting around these two and getting light snugs while taking photos. Needless to say, we shared a few good laughs.

It seems like yesterday we were documenting the wedding of Scott & Allison in Manitou Springs. Now, as they prepare to welcome their daughter into the family we get to document this new milestone for them. These two hold a special place in our hearts. Scott and Allison are one of the most loving and thoughtful couples we have had the privilege to work with and we are so thrilled for this new chapter of their life.

Golden_Maternity Session_0001 Golden_Maternity Session_0002 Golden_Maternity Session_0003 Golden_Maternity Session_0004 Golden_Maternity Session_0005 Golden_Maternity Session_0006 Golden_Maternity Session_0007 Golden_Maternity Session_0008 Golden_Maternity Session_0009 Golden_Maternity Session_0010 Golden_Maternity Session_0012 Golden_Maternity Session_0013 Golden_Maternity Session_0014 Golden_Maternity Session_0015 Golden_Maternity Session_0016 Golden_Maternity Session_0017
  • Wedding Venue Location: Golden, Colorado

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