We decided to get the boots dirty and explore an old farm for the Russel Longmont family session. Colt was very excited to wear his cowboy hat and see all of the tractors. I just loved the adventure he showed throughout the whole shoot. He wanted to see and touch everything. We all got a kick out of the fun faces he would make when trying to put his hands in his pockets and the excitement he would show when he saw something new to explore.

A big thanks to Bill & Leslie for being such troopers to work with and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Longmont_Family_Session_0040 Longmont_Family_Session_0041 Longmont_Family_Session_0042 Longmont_Family_Session_0043 Longmont_Family_Session_0044 Longmont_Family_Session_0045 Longmont_Family_Session_0046 Longmont_Family_Session_0047 Longmont_Family_Session_0048 Longmont_Family_Session_0049 Longmont_Family_Session_0050 Longmont_Family_Session_0051 Longmont_Family_Session_0052 Longmont_Family_Session_0053 Longmont_Family_Session_0054 Longmont_Family_Session_0055 Longmont_Family_Session_0056 Longmont_Family_Session_0057 Longmont_Family_Session_0058 Longmont_Family_Session_0059 Longmont_Family_Session_0060
  • Wedding Venue Location: Longmont, Colorado

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