I had the joy of spending the day with Scarlett on her actual birthday for her 1 year session.  We played downtown Denver where we crawled around the theater district and even got to play with some balloons.  Scarlett is truly a stunning little girl- between her rosy cheeks and her piercing eyes she was an easy baby to photograph.  Enjoy the photos.

Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0073 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0074 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0075 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0076 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0077 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0078 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0078b Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0080 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0081 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0083 Downtown_Denver_Baby_Photos_0084
  • Venue Location: Denver, Colorado
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