The forecast said rain but we decided to head out in Golden to still do some family pictures and we were glad we did. The dark blue clouds made for some great contrast and lighting. Not to mention Amelia had a blast playing in the rain when it would sprinkle. She wanted to run through the fields, climb on whatever she could get up on and even feel the river water. It was such a joy to photograph the Anderson’s and I hope you enjoy your photos!

Golden_Family_Photographer_0027Golden_Family_Photographer_0028 Golden_Family_Photographer_0029 Golden_Family_Photographer_0030 Golden_Family_Photographer_0031 Golden_Family_Photographer_0032 Golden_Family_Photographer_0033 Golden_Family_Photographer_0034 Golden_Family_Photographer_0035 Golden_Family_Photographer_0036 Golden_Family_Photographer_0037 Golden_Family_Photographer_0038 Golden_Family_Photographer_0039 Golden_Family_Photographer_0040 Golden_Family_Photographer_0041Golden_Family_Photographer_0046 Golden_Family_Photographer_0043 Golden_Family_Photographer_0044 Golden_Family_Photographer_0045
  • Venue Location: Golden, Colorado
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