I have been looking forward to sharing this Broomfield family session. It was a prefect mix of what I believe family pictures should be. Part raw candid moments mixed with a few classic portraits of the family. With Henry turning 2 the day after our session, we went to the park with the idea of celebrating this little guys birthday. After running full speed for 30 minutes chasing a kite we decided to go the playground where Henry showed me all of his favorite spots. During the whole shoot I was just amazed at the adventurous little spirit this guy has become. It seems like yesterday I was photographing his newborn session.

Thanks again for inviting me out to capture your beautiful family and I hope you enjoy the photos.

Broomfield_Family_Session_0435 Broomfield_Family_Session_0436 Broomfield_Family_Session_0437 Broomfield_Family_Session_0438 Broomfield_Family_Session_0439Broomfield_Family_Session_0461Broomfield_Family_Session_0462 Broomfield_Family_Session_0439b Broomfield_Family_Session_0440 Broomfield_Family_Session_0441 Broomfield_Family_Session_0442 Broomfield_Family_Session_0443 Broomfield_Family_Session_0444 Broomfield_Family_Session_0445 Broomfield_Family_Session_0446Broomfield_Family_Session_0463 Broomfield_Family_Session_0448 Broomfield_Family_Session_0449 Broomfield_Family_Session_0451Broomfield_Family_Session_0458Broomfield_Family_Session_0459 Broomfield_Family_Session_0453Broomfield_Family_Session_0460
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