It has been a blessing to be able to watch this adorable little girl grow up. She has always been able to rock the serious look with those big cheeks and stunning eyes. Thank you Mullica family for inviting me out to document your love again.  Enjoy the photos.

Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0011 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0012 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0013 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0014 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0017 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0018 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0019 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0020 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0021 Eldorado_Springs_Family_Photos_0022
  • Venue Location: Eldorado Springs, Colorado
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