As an iconic landmark, the Maroon Bells are one of the most photographed locations in the state of Colorado. The unique color and rock formation of the bells make them a destination for tourists all over the world. So much in fact that you are not able to access the area until after 5:00 pm unless you ride the shuttle. In the summer months, there is still plenty of light. During the spring and fall months, photographers will find themselves racing around the lake trying to soak in as much of the light as possible before it hides behind the west wall.

With that being said, the Maroon Bells are a favorite location of ours. You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful backdrop in the state that is so easily accessible. Also worth mentioning is that the access road is closed every year during the winter months. It is not plowed, so unless you are up for a several mile hike, on snowshoes, you might have to rethink your winter engagement session.

Engagement Sessions We've Photographed at Maroon Bells

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