As a relatively new venue to Colorado, Piney River Ranch has situated itself as one of Colorado’s Highest Rated Wedding Venues. Its also a favorite location of our for engagement photos due to its sheer beauty. The area surrounding Piney Lake is all national forest and free to access at any time. You are free to shoot anywhere you like, but we suggest contacting the Forest Service for permits. During the weekends, Piney River Ranch asks that you refrain from using the ranch area if a wedding is taking place.

Piney River Road is a bit of a haul and it is suggested that you have a SUV with moderate to high clearance. While we wouldn’t classify it as a 4×4 road, your average two wheel drive sedan might struggle.

Also worth mentioning, being a western facing, you’ll often get great Alpenglow right before sunset. With permission, a canoe ride during this time can be one of the most beautiful experiences of your Piney River Ranch Wedding or Engagement.

Engagement Sessions We've Photographed at Piney

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