We got up early for Josh & Alice’s downtown Denver engagement session. Being that they are from New York, their weekend in Denver was filled with family and wedding planning activities so we planned an early morning session. And it worked out perfectly once we all got some coffee in us. Since everyone else was still asleep and recovering from the night before we felt as if we had the whole city to ourselves.

Since we have only talked over the phone, it was great to spend time with Josh & Alice in person. Their fun and easy going personality shined even more in person. They were such a blast to work with and constantly had a smile on their faces.

Thanks again and we are looking forward to your wedding in September!

Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0597 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0598 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0599Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0596 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0600 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0601 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0602 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0603 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0604 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0605 Downtown_Denver_Engagement_0606
  • Wedding Venue Location: Denver, Colorado

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