When Joby first introduced the Groilla Pod lineup, my initial reaction was they were a gimmick. Who would use such a silly looking device? I now own two of their products and use them on nearly 50% of my shoots. Not necessarily to mount a camera though, but rather a flash gun.

As a wedding photographer, your always on the move, which doesn’t give you much time to setup and breakdown lighting setups. The Gorilla pods are quick to mount, easily adaptable, and lightweight versus a light stand which is awkwardly big and requires level ground to not topple over.

The Gorilla Pod SLR by Joby is the only product of its kind (there are many knockoffs) that holds a 580EX and Radiopopper remote with no problem. As for mounting a flash gun to your Gorilla pod, it uses the standard 1/4″ screw which matches up with a RPCube or a standard hotshoe adapter.

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