Every photographer has been in this situation before. You’re standing in front on an epic sunset or a sureal series of events… and you begin to click away. Every few seconds, you glance down at your camera’s LCD, but the result is just mehhh. Something just isn’t right. And then it dawns on you… you need something else. You get lower, higher, tilt the camera or find a pool of water to use as a reflection.

BAM. It clicks and you’ve nailed it.

You upload the photo and a few people share it. Hours later its viral and the chatter beings to mount. “You’re an amazing photographer!!!” says the Internet.

But what lies underneath that single image? Is your overall production quality more than just one image? Can you fill an entire album with jaw dropping photos? You’ve nailed a few photos here and there, but do you have the expertise to deliver the complete package?

I was a victim of it, but it didn’t take long for clients to catch on. A few years ago my clients main interest were pictures they could use for Facebook posts, but today, they are in it for the overall production. I show them everything, from the beginning to the end. If you don’t focus on it all, you had better be very…. very… very good at what you do.

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