Since the creation of digital cameras, you’ve might have heard the following phrases:

  • “Let me take another photo. That one was really blurry.”
  • “The picture is all grainy. This camera is awful.”
  • “Stop moving. You’re ruining the picture.”
  • “I can even see what I’m taking a picture of.”

Look at the picture above. You’ll notice how small the camera is… or more specifically the lens is. Under that lens, is an even smaller image sensor. That little sensor loves light. In fact, all camera sensors do. Being so small, it doesn’t get a whole lot of it.

Our suggestion to fix your blurry photo problem, is to turn on another light. Are there any lamps close by? Can you open a window shade? Maybe move outside to use the sun? Position your subject so the light is in front of them, instead of behind them. Basically, you need more light.

The more light your camera has, the clearer your photos will be, the less grain they’ll have, and the happier you and your camera will be.

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