It is that time of year again. The time when people sit back and review what they accomplished through the year by sharing their best work. We like to do things a little different. Capturing moments is what we do, but becoming part of our couples lives is why we love what we do. These outtakes are more than just funny pictures, they are memories and conversations we will never forget.

In 2015 we pushed our couples further than we have ever pushed them before. “You want me to climb up there… in my dress? Are you sure?”  Each wedding has been an adventure that we’ll never forget, even if you have to wash a bride’s feet after climbing a mountain.

To all of our couples, we want to thank you. Thank you for getting your feet a little dirty, walking off the path and enjoying Colorado as it was meant to be.

Before you dive into these images, lets clear up a few things. No, Trent did not actually pee his pants. He just sweats a lot. Yes, Trent did strip off some clothes on top of a building. We needed his shirt to block some ugly light. Yes, I am always dramatic with my facial expressions. No, I didn’t eat McDonalds every day (Trent might), I was carrying our little man, Easton. And yes, that image is a bride and groom in the middle of a zombie crawl.

A special thanks to our amazing intern Shelby Larson for your non stop positive attitude, your killer detail shots and most of all for putting up with Trent and I. We also had the help of some amazing second shooters: Amelia Armstrong, Justin Edmonds, Josh Hicks and Daylene Wilson. Thank you for your hard work and for some of these outtakes.

gillespie_photography_0148 gillespie_photography_0148b gillespie_photography_0149 gillespie_photography_0150 gillespie_photography_0151 gillespie_photography_0152 gillespie_photography_0153 gillespie_photography_0154 gillespie_photography_0155 gillespie_photography_0156 gillespie_photography_0157 gillespie_photography_0158 gillespie_photography_0159 gillespie_photography_0160 gillespie_photography_0161 gillespie_photography_0161b gillespie_photography_0162 gillespie_photography_0163 gillespie_photography_0164 gillespie_photography_0165 gillespie_photography_0166 gillespie_photography_0167 gillespie_photography_0168 gillespie_photography_0169 gillespie_photography_0170 gillespie_photography_0171 gillespie_photography_0172 gillespie_photography_0173 gillespie_photography_0174 gillespie_photography_0175 gillespie_photography_0176 gillespie_photography_0177 gillespie_photography_0178 gillespie_photography_0179 gillespie_photography_0180 gillespie_photography_0181 gillespie_photography_0182 gillespie_photography_0183 gillespie_photography_0184 gillespie_photography_0185 gillespie_photography_0186 gillespie_photography_0187 gillespie_photography_0188 gillespie_photography_0189 gillespie_photography_0191 gillespie_photography_0192 gillespie_photography_0193 gillespie_photography_0194 gillespie_photography_0195 gillespie_photography_0196 gillespie_photography_0197 gillespie_photography_0198 gillespie_photography_0200 gillespie_photography_0201 gillespie_photography_0202 gillespie_photography_0203Scott & Danielle's Weddinggillespie_photography_0205Chris & Kathryn's Weddinggillespie_photography_0207 gillespie_photography_0208 gillespie_photography_0209Scott & Danielle's WeddingScott & Danielle's Weddinggillespie_photography_0212 gillespie_photography_0213 gillespie_photography_0214 gillespie_photography_0215 gillespie_photography_0216 gillespie_photography_0217 gillespie_photography_0218 gillespie_photography_0219 gillespie_photography_0220 gillespie_photography_0221 Scott & Danielle's Wedding gillespie_photography_0223 Chris & Kathryn's Wedding gillespie_photography_0225 gillespie_photography_0226 gillespie_photography_0227 gillespie_photography_0228 gillespie_photography_0229 gillespie_photography_0230 gillespie_photography_0231 gillespie_photography_0232 gillespie_photography_0233 gillespie_photography_0234 gillespie_photography_0235 gillespie_photography_0236 gillespie_photography_0237 gillespie_photography_0238 gillespie_photography_0239 gillespie_photography_0240 gillespie_photography_0241 gillespie_photography_0242 gillespie_photography_0243 gillespie_photography_0244 gillespie_photography_0245 Chris & Kathryn's Wedding gillespie_photography_0247 Scott & Danielle's Wedding gillespie_photography_0250 gillespie_photography_0251 gillespie_photography_0252 gillespie_photography_0253 gillespie_photography_0254 gillespie_photography_0255 gillespie_photography_0256 gillespie_photography_0257 gillespie_photography_0258 gillespie_photography_0259 gillespie_photography_0260 gillespie_photography_0261 gillespie_photography_0262 gillespie_photography_0263 gillespie_photography_0264 gillespie_photography_0265 gillespie_photography_0266 gillespie_photography_0267 gillespie_photography_0268 gillespie_photography_0269 gillespie_photography_0270 gillespie_photography_0271 gillespie_photography_0272 gillespie_photography_0273 gillespie_photography_0273b gillespie_photography_0273c gillespie_photography_0274 gillespie_photography_0275 gillespie_photography_0277 gillespie_photography_0278 gillespie_photography_0279 Scott & Danielle's Wedding gillespie_photography_0281

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  1. Jennie says:

    These are fantastic! I need to do more of this!

  2. Shelli says:

    AMAZING! I love them all. Stacy your are the cutest pregnant woman ever! I want to see the picture as to why your husband was coming out of the river soaked.

  3. These pics were really fun…but tell Trent to NEVER climb up on a roof again!!!!….enough said!…

  4. Jay White says:

    What a joyous way to make a living!

  5. Kelsey says:

    Great pictures you two! Stacy did you get that fox to come any closer? They are so darn cute! ?

  6. Alisha says:

    Totally AWESOME!!! I’m so slacking in the behind the scenes department.

  7. Maria says:

    These are really great guys!

  8. It’s like playing “Where’s Waldo”! Awesome shots you guys!

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