If you ask a wedding photographer what their job is, they’ll respond with a three page list of all the things they do, that don’t involve a camera. We’d go as far as to say that most couples don’t hire us based on the merit of the photos, but the service we give. There are so many talented photographers out there. Spend a few minutes on Fearless Photographers or WPJA and you’ll see just how competitive the photos are. Photographers are pushing the limits to unseen arenas of technicality and coverage. So, why do we continue to book weddings? Because of our connection with couples and our empathy for what they want.

So what is it like working with Trent and Stacy? Trent will work harder than any other person at your wedding. Guaranteed.

Stacy will bring energy to your dance party as she gets up in there with the craziest guests.

But most importantly we are vested in your wedding and want the very best for you both. We’ll let you use our cloths as a sweat rag. We’ll run to get you a drink. We’ll repair your dress. Some photographers are untouchable artists with a one-track mind, but lets remember that we are all human and our best work comes when we are connected.

Longest wedding day: 17 hours
Wedding photographed: 36 with 2 International
Destinations: Dolomites, Santa Fe, Tallahassee and Colombia
Craziest shoot: Backcountry ski session in complete white out. The skiing was great, but the visibility was not.



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