It’s not the five hour drive to Telluride that makes it feel like a destination wedding, but more so the fact that it feels like no place on earth. Sorry Vail, but Telluride deserves this slogan. It really is one of the most beautiful locations in Colorado, making the list of top two wedding towns we love to photograph.

Having looked at a few of our past San Sophia Weddings, Mike & Dana decided to first hire us for their Telluride Engagement, but also for their big day in August. It was perfect weather for these two as they made their way to the valley floor, downtown for a few iconic photos and finally finishing up top for their ceremony and reception at Allred’s.

We had a blast working with these two, making some timeless photographs all throughout the day. It was such an honor when The New York Times decided to pick-up the story of their day and feature an article in their print edition. Congrats you two on your Allred’s Wedding in Telluride.

  • Wedding Venue: Allreds
  • Wedding Venue Location: Telluride, Colorado

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