Amelia was a complete angel for her photo shoot.  Not only was she a good sleeping baby but she gave us lots of smiles and funny expressions.  Enjoy! Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-1 Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-2 Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-3 Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-4 Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-5 Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-6 Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-7 Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-8 Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-9Englewood_Newborn_Photographer-10

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  1. Amie says:

    These are beautiful pictures!!!

  2. Amie says:

    These are such beautiful pictures!! Amie

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