Robert & Elizabeth traveled all the way from Texas for their Boreas Pass Winter Engagement session. It doesn’t snow too often in Texas, so two were thrilled with the abundance of fluffy powder everywhere. As we made the short hike up Boreas Pass, Robert couldn’t help but reach down and throw snow for most of the way up.

Usually when couples are not accustom to the cold, they look frigid during the first part of a session, but not Robert & Elizabeth. In fact, they were looking forward to the end of our session so they could go all in on a snowbank. There wasn’t a spot on them not covered in snow.

Between the beautiful backdrops, warm light, and fluffy fresh snow, these two quickly fell in love with all Colorado had to offer. From my end, watching Robert & Elizabeth interact and enjoy a field of snow to themselves made me quickly realize how great of a couple they are. Their youthfulness and love from each other shined with each snowball and kiss.

One photograph from this Boreas Pass Winter Engagement session shot in Breckenridge, CO. A beautiful couple strolls along Boreas Pass during their Winter Engagement session in Breckenridge. Robert gives Elizabeth a piggyback during their Boreas Pass Winter Engagement in Breckenridge. A snowball fight during engagement photos near Boreas Pass.
  • Wedding Venue: Boreas Pass
  • Wedding Venue Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

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