Exploring new locations with new couples is always a treat, so when Kira recommended that we do their Boulder Engagement session at Wonderland Lake Park, I was all for it. Being a wedding photographer herself, she was spot on in regard to beautiful light, colors and backdrops. Fall only lasts so long and the one unfortunate part during this time of the year is the shorter days. After the sun had set, we still a few more pictures to make which made for a chilly last few pictures, but these two rocked it.

It was a great time being able to meet Andrew & Kira and its always fun talking shop with other photographers. Enjoy the photos.

Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0001 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0002 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0003 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0004 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0005 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0006 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0007 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0008 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0009 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0010 Boulder_Engagement_Photos_0011

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