Getting married in the mountains brings with it a certain level of uncertainty. In between the travel, logistics and weather, things go astray rather quickly. None of those were any concern for JJ & Sara and their Breckenridge BlueSky Wedding though. Treating it as a destination wedding, their friends and family were able to come early, enjoy the fun town of Breckenridge and even jump in a few snowbanks the night out before the wedding.

Arriving at BlueSky Breckenridge, Stacy and I scouted for a beautiful first reveal location just up the ski slope and were then able to convince JJ & Sara to make the short hike up. Being that it wasn’t high-heel friendly, Sara had to strap on her snowboarding boots to go see her groom. We’re often reminded of how awesome our couples are for being willing to go off the beaten path, on the day of their wedding, all the while still rocking a smile.

After a quick moment together, these two got married in front of the main fireplace with an audience of loved ones. Right after the vows and a kiss, we headed up to Sawmill Reservoir for a few quick portraits and then back to the party for some cake, dancing and photo booth goodness.

Thanks again you two for hiking and sliding in the snow, but more importantly, the opportunity to document your beautiful Breckenridge BlueSky Wedding.

Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0001 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0002 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0004 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0005 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0006 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0007 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0008 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0009 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0010 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0011 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0012 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0013 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0014 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0015 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0016 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0017 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0018 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0019 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0020 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0021 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0022 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0023 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0024 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0025 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0026 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0027 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0028 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0029 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0030 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0031 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0032 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0033 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0034 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0035 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0036 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0037 Breckenridge_BlueSky_Wedding_0038
  • Wedding Venue: BlueSky
  • Wedding Venue Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

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9 Responses

  1. Wow! I absolutely love your style! I’m obsessed with these!

  2. Shebli says:

    This is a stunning mountain wedding and you two captured it beautifully!

  3. Erin says:

    These are great! I love the candid feel to them.

  4. Oh these winter weddings are so magical! Love the ski boots with the wedding dress photos! And such beautiful emotion throughout — beautiful story telling! Congrats!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    What a fun wedding! She looks like the coolest bride! Love all the gorgeous emotion. And WOW the ceremony shot looking down and having the audience in the image…just stunning!

    • Thank you Elizabeth. This photo was actually taken by a remote camera we had clamped to a balcony. We like to set up a camera in an extreme location like this to provide a unique view of the ceremony without us leaving the action. Thanks again

  6. Jennie says:

    Beautiful from start to finish! I just love the moments you capture and what you do with light!

  7. Rayna says:

    Love all the different angles, like the ring exchange, that’s awesome!

  8. Amanda says:

    I love indoor weddings here! The black walls are so modern. You did a great job with a somewhat challenging space!

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