Winter weddings in Colorado create for some of the most scenic wedding photos possible. White snow capped peaks go hand in hand with beautiful wedding dresses and radiant love like Kyle & Nickie’s. When they reached out to us to shoot their Breckenridge Elopement Wedding, we could not have been more thrilled to take it on.

Having spent some good time in Colorado, Kyle wanted to share his love of the slopes with Nickie, so they decided to head to the mountains, get married, enjoy some fine dining and strap some planks to their feet and ride it out. We started off their wedding day on top of Sapphire Point, which overlooks Lake Dillon. With a little help from Julie, they exchanged vows, signed their license and we then headed off into the forest to grab some intimate portraits of the newlyweds.

Wedding dresses aren’t known for their warmth, but they are absolutely stunning in a setting like this. I had a blast being able to show these two a little bit of Breckenridge. Enjoy your Breckenridge Elopement Wedding photos.

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  • Wedding Venue: Sapphire Point
  • Wedding Venue Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

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