I have had the honor of shooting both Bree’s 6 month and 12 month photos and it has has been a complete joy to watch this little girl grow up.  For her 18 month session we picked flowers, ran in the grass, played peek-n-boo and even got to dance in the rain.  A big thank you to the Bingel family for hiking out in the park and having such great taste in outfits!  I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Denver-Child-Photographer-1111Denver-Child-Photographer-2 Denver-Child-Photographer-3 Denver-Child-Photographer-4 Denver-Child-Photographer-5 Denver-Child-Photographer-6 Denver-Child-Photographer-7 Denver-Child-Photographer-8 Denver-Child-Photographer-9 Denver-Child-Photographer-10 Denver-Child-Photographer-11 Denver-Child-Photographer-12 Denver-Child-Photographer-13
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