If you follow our blog, you’ll remember Mark & Kate from their RiNo District Engagement not to long ago. As we mentioned in that post, only a project manager & architect could pull off such an event in such a short amount of time. Their Camp Hale Wedding was one of our favorite weddings from one of our top Colorado Wedding Venues.

Kate scheduled a straight knife shave for Mark in Vail before making his way up to the venue, where shortly after, they saw each other for the first time on top of Ptarmigan Pass. Per tradition, these two cracked a bottle of champagne above treeline like they’ve done many times before. This was just the start to the beautiful ceremony and reception to follow.

A big part of their day was having their dog included. Strapped with a GoPro, he managed to help us document the day, but with some audio as a bonus. We can’t thank these two enough for their generosity and loving personalities which shined through on their big day. It is always a pleasure shooting weddings in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, but its even more so rewarding when you get couples like Mark & Kate. Enjoy your Camp Hale Wedding Photos.

Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0001 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0003 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0002 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0004 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0005 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0006 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0007 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0008 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0009 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0010 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0011 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0012 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0013 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0014 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0015 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0017 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0018 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0020 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0021 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0023 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0024 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0025 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0026 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0027 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0028 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0029 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0030 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0031 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0032 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0033 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0034 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0035 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0036 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0037 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0038 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0039 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0040 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0041 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0042 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0043 Camp_Hale_Wedding_Vail_CO_0044

Wedding Vendors

  • Wedding Venue: Camp Hale
  • Wedding Venue Location: Vail, Colorado

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