These two love the mountains, so much in fact that they have a second home which they use as a base for all of their backcountry skiing and snowmobiling trips. It only seemed fitting that their wedding venue be an expression of that part of their life. Camp Hale, near their mountain home, is a beautiful wedding venue that is completely off the grid, and an often starting place for their winter adventures.

During a pre-wedding consultation, Ryan mentioned he found an amazing location to do their first reveal. We scratched down some directions and set out the day before the wedding to find this overlook. A few wrong turns led us to a beautiful location, but not quite the epic-ness he described. We decided to keep exploring. After another wrong turn, we eventually found the correct one, which happened to be Ptarmigan Pass. As you can see from the photos below, it was time well spent, as their first reveal location was nothing short of amazing.

Ryan, being a photographer himself, expressed how important it was to capture the candid moments from their wedding day, but wanted more than anything, a few solid landscape photos to set the scene. We light up like kids on Christmas morning when our clients give us requests like that. Not only did their venue afford the vista views, it just fit them as a couple.

After an amazing evening wedding ceremony on the island at Camp Hale, these two, their friends and family threw down a dance party to remember, but not before receiving the family heirloom mural, which has to be proudly displayed until the next family member gets married.

When people say that the stars have aligned, we felt a bit of that at Ryan and Lauren’s Camp Hale Wedding, as you can see by the last photograph.

Camp_Hale_Wedding_0404 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0405 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0406 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0407 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0408 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0409 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0410 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0411 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0412 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0413 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0414 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0415 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0416 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0417 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0418 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0419Camp_Hale_Wedding_0440 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0441 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0423 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0424 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0425 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0426 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0427 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0428 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0429 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0430 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0431 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0432 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0433 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0434 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0435 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0436 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0437 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0438 Camp_Hale_Wedding_0439
  • Wedding Venue: Camp Hale
  • Wedding Venue Location: Red Cliff, Colorado

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  1. Michelle et Céline says:

    OMG….I have no words….. simply wow. The pictures are all beautiful. What a great place for a wedding. All the best littles cousins. Love you all….Michelle et Céline du Québec, Canada…xoxoxoxo

  2. Martha Cain says:

    Lauren and Ryan, The pictures of your wedding day are absolutely amazing ! They tell a story of the love between you and the celebration shared by family and friends. I’m so very happy for you both !
    Love, Aunt Martha

  3. Beautiful photos…love, love, love!! It was such an honor to be a part of the day! :)

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