Without a doubt, Scott & Danielle are two of the most kind people you’ll ever meet. So with that said, you’ll understand why it was so easy to work with these two wonderful people, capturing their Donovan Pavilion Wedding in Vail, CO.

Every so often, we get invited to cover rehearsal dinners, and Scott & Danielle’s was a great reason why. Even though it was just dinner and speeches, there were so many beautiful moments to capture. We heard all about when Scott backed the car a little to far into the garage as well as a bunch of other hilarious and embarrassing stories.

Couples often hire us for our ‘off-the-path’ style of photography, but never know quite what to expect, so after a few hours of bridal prep, we took Scott & Danielle on a adventure they’ll never forget. Danielle’s Vera Wang dress had over 100 yards of tulle, which looked stunning, but also served as a great pine needle collector. The dress had collected so many after a short first reveal, the only thing Danielle could do is shrug and smile.

After a jaunt, or more like a hike, up a ski run for some portraits in front of the Gore Range, we headed back to the Donovan Pavilion for the wedding ceremony. It could not have been more personal and genuine. From Jax, their dog, walking down the isle, to Pa (grandpa) officiating it and some hilarious speeches, Scott & Danielle’s ceremony was one we’ll never forget.

Shortly after their reception introduction, the real party began. Danielle’s sisters kicked it off with a beautiful speech and a rap parody that had everyone busting a gut… which transitioned awesomely into some dance floor antics that made for some crazy awesome material for us photographers to shoot.

All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better couple and wedding to help cap off another year of wedding photography. Enjoy the photos from Scott & Danielle’s Donovan Pavilion Wedding.

Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0001 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0002 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0003 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0004 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0005 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0006 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0007 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0008 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0009 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0010 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0011 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0012 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0013 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0014 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0015 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0016 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0017 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0018 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0019 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0020 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0021 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0022 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0023 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0024 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0025 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0026 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0027 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0028 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0029 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0030 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0031 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0032 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0033 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0034 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0034a Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0035 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0037 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0038 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0039 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0040 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0041 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0042 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0043 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0044 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0045 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0046 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0047 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0048 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0049 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0050 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0051 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0052 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0053 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0054 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0055 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0056 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0057 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0058 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0059 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0060 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0061 Donovan_Pavilion_Wedding_0062

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