Making it back to South Dakota is always a good time because we get to see family, do some fishing, play a round of frisbee golf on Larson Hill, and just relax a bit. During our last trip, we were able to squeeze an engagement session in for my cousin Megan and her fiance, Jose. These two did a fantastic job at keeping things candid, but had no problem showing the love they have for each other.

Next summer, we get the amazing opportunity to document their Wedding in Sioux Falls, and we could not be more excited. Thanks you two for the smiles, laughter, and showing us around downtown a bit. Enjoy.

Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-1Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-2 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-3 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-4 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-5 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-6 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-7 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-8 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-9 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-10 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-11 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-12 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-13 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-14 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-15 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-16 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-17 Sioux-Falls-Downtown-Engagement-18

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  1. Tricia says:

    I was just wondering where you took the bridge picture in the photo gallery of Megan and Jose engagement pictures?

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