When Lauren suggested we shoot their engagement photos in Eldorado Springs, we were thrilled. It has such a great small-town feel for being to close to Denver… and fit Rich & Lauren’s personality. They love the outdoors & everything Colorado has to offer, which is why we ran from location to location, trying to capture it all.

Right after we nailed the final sunset shot, we weren’t ready for the night to end, so we had our first post-engagement celebratory dinner with these two. Thanks again to you both for running around Eldorado Springs with us. Enjoy the photos.

Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-1 Engagement photos in Eldorado Springs Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-3 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-4 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-5 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-6 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-7 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-8 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-9 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-10 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-11 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-12 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-13 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-14 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-15 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-16 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-17 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-18 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-19 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-20 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-21 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-22 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-23 Eldorado-Springs-Engagement-24

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