Meeting Brent & Alicia at a quick ceremony rehearsal the morning of their wedding, I immediately picked up two things. Alicia’s unconditional smile and Brent’s deep sincerity. After a quick chat about a few things dear to them, we all headed off to meet again a few hours later in order to seal the deal. After putting on her dress at the The Golden Leaf in Estes Park, she had one final ride in an old car with her father and sister. Moments later, she saw Brent for the first time and the tears of joy began to flow.

They chose their Fall River ceremony site because it’s sandwiched between to faces they’ve both enjoyed climbing over the years. It seemed symbolic that the two rocks that had challenged them individually were there to bring them even closer together in marriage.

After their beautiful ceremony, we headed up into Rocky Mountain National Park to capture some of nature’s ever so beautiful fall transformation. Nothing beats a golden aspen grove backdrop for your wedding pictures. Enjoy the pictures, and thanks again you two for sharing your beautiful day.


Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0001 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0002 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0003 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0004 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0005 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0006 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0007 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0008 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0009 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0010 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0011 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0012 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0013 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0014 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0015 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0016 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0017 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0018 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0019 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0020 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0021 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0022 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0023 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0024 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0025 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0026 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0027 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0028 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0029 Estes_Park_Fall_River_Wedding_0030
  • Wedding Venue: Fall River
  • Wedding Venue Location: Estes Park, Colorado

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