I have been getting spoiled with a lot of cute baby shoots lately.  There is something about being around a young and happy baby that really warms your heart.   I am happy to introduce you to little Miss Evelyn.  She was one month old when I visited her home to take some pictures.  I could not get enough of her cute little smile and those big eyes. Enjoy!

Westminter_Children_Photography-1 Westminter_Children_Photography-2 Westminter_Children_Photography-3Westminter_Children_Photography-4 Westminter_Children_Photography-5 Westminter_Children_Photography-6 Westminter_Children_Photography-7 Westminter_Children_Photography-8 Westminter_Children_Photography-9 Westminter_Children_Photography-10 Westminter_Children_Photography-11
  • Venue Location: Westminster, Colorado
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