March is such a hit or miss month for weather in Colorado, which is why Juan & Carolyn decided to take a gamble with their Evergreen Lake House Winter Wedding. Regardless, they were going to get married, outside… No questions asked.

Carolyn’s initial idea for putting on her wedding dress was to do it in the wilderness, right after bouldering with her bridesmaids, who all happened to be well versed climbers themselves. Mother nature had different plans which included several inches of snow and sub freezing temps. It didn’t stop her and her bridal party from making it to the boulders, but the adornment of the dressing was done indoors.

Juan and his guys also got ready in Evergreen before heading to the Evergreen Lake House for his nuptials.

Waiting for their guests were heaps of blankets and sleeping bags to provide a little relief from the biting cold while Juan & Carolyn stood before everyone during their wedding ceremony. After some heartfelt vows, the couple headed inside for some hugs and kisses from family, and then we made our way back into the frigid cold for a few portraits.

After enjoying some exotic hamburgers and fish tacos, downing a few craft brews, Juan, Carolyn and their entire group of friends and family got down to a live string band… which rocked the Lake House for several hours on end. Thanks again you two for letting us capture your Evergreen Lake House Winter Wedding. As always, a shout out to LaDolce Events for the work on this wedding.


Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0001 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0002 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0003 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0004 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0005 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0006 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0007 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0008 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0009 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0010 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0011 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0012 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0013 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0014 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0015 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0016 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0017 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0018 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0019 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0020 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0021 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0022 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0023 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0024 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0025 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0026 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0027 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0028 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0029 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0030 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0031 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0032 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0033 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0034 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0035 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0036 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0037 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0038 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0039 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0040 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0041 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0042 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0043 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0043b Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0044 Evergreen_Lake_House_Winter_Wedding_0046

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