As documentary photographers, we don’t ask for much from our clients, but it sure does help the day fly by if your friends and family are as wild as this crew. Usually, we spend a lot of time camping out waiting for a moment to evolve, but we put in some serious miles on Steven & Kiersten’s Fall Arapahoe Basin Wedding.

Wedding prep took place at adjoining townhomes in Dillon. Stacy and I went back and forth from bridal prep to groom prep and took turns shooting both parties. Once Steven finally put his shirt on, we made our way toward Arapahoe Basin for a first look above tree line. Their wedding party followed… and so did the antics. We loved every bit of it.

Their ceremony was personal, but fit their personalities perfectly and everyone was crying and laughing at the same time. Shortly after their first kiss, as tradition would have it, we made our way down and back up the Black Mountain Express before beginning the epic reception. It also didn’t take long for the shirts to come back off and the party to being. Come to think of it, Steven and his groomsmen may have been shirtless longer than they were dressed on their wedding day.

Thanks you two for your endless energy and laughter and congrats on your Fall Arapahoe Basin Wedding.


  • Wedding Venue: Arapahoe Basin
  • Wedding Venue Location: Dillon, Colorado

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