Its actually been a while since I’ve done a session at Flatirons, and I’m glad to have revisited the venue with Mike & Katie. A few of these photos are from Mike’s actual proposal spot, which will always bring back fond memories of that day. Love this couple, their energy, the fact that we’re Lebron fans together. I had a great time with ya both and thanks for sharing the spot. Enjoy the photos from their Flatirons engagement.

Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0001 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0002 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0003 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0004 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0005 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0006 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0007 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0008 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0009 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0010 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0011 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0013 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0014 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0015 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0016 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0017 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0018 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0019 Boulder-Flatirons-Engagement_0021

Flatiron Engagement Slideshow

  • Wedding Venue: Flatirons
  • Wedding Venue Location: Boulder, Colorado

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