Logan likes climbing things & Lauren loves the fall, so a Golden Gate Canyon Engagement during peak Aspen change seemed like the perfect fit for these two. But before photos, first a stop at Cannonball Brewing for a quick refreshment and a chat about their upcoming wedding this December.

Having scouted the park a few weeks earlier, Logan had several stops in the State Park planned out, all of which he nailed. Starting just above Kriley’s Pond, we drove the canyon road up to Dude’s Throne, one of the many technical climbing faces in the area.

It was such a fantastic evening with these two. We’re always down to explore parts of Colorado that we don’t visit quite as often as others. If only fall could last a little longer in Colorado, but I guess that is what makes it so special.

Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0001 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0002 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0004 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0005 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0007Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0006Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0008 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0003 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0009 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0010 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0011 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0013 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0018 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0019 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0014 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0015 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0016 Golden_Gate_Canyon_Engagement_0017

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