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Braden & Jessica’s Greeley Engagement


While doing some backup maintenance today, I realized I never got around to posting these engagements of Braden and Jessica we took last fall. The pictures not only sparked memories of Greeley and attending college, but more importantly the beginnings of my career as a wedding photographer. The countless hours spent working with film, and the thrill of getting my first paid photo gig shooting some senior portraits. The pond in these photos was actually the backdrop for my very first published photo. Oh how much has changed since then, but I’ll save that for a later date.

Having worked under Braden for a brief stint at T-Mobile, you might expect that cold manager-employee type relationship, but its quite the opposite. When asked to photograph their wedding, I jumped at the opportunity because of Braden’s easy going and laid back nature. Both he and Jessica love to laugh and smile… and its amplified when they’re together. Its such a joy to see couples compliment each other like these two do.

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