Looking back through some engagement sessions we shot last spring, the photos are vastly different. By May, the grass had already browned and the skies were full of wildfire haze. Having been blessed with a decent late winter and May showers, Colorado is about as green as we’ve ever seen it. However, the backgrounds and color pallets aren’t the only thing we’ve noticed as being different. We’ve changed as photographers. Each season brings about a new focus and direction for us, and it reflects in our work.

During our consultation, Eric and Emily talked about shooting their engagements where Eric proposed, which was at Horsetooth Falls… which I was all about. Its very rare a couple is willing to hike a mile or so into the mountains, wipe their brow, and then cuddle in front of the camera. These two rocked it. It was an absolute amazing time capturing Eric & Emily’s love for each other in a setting that has so much meaning to them. Thanks you two.

Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-1 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-2 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-3 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-4 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-5 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-6 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-7 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-8 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-9 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-10 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-11 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-12 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-13 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-14 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-15 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-16 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-20 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-23 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-24 Horsetooth-Falls-Engagement_Fort-Collins_CO-25
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