Spring arrived just in time allowing us to have a warm and sunny day for Jason & Brienn’s engagement shoot in Boulder, CO.  We decided to start downtown exploring the old streets of Boulder before heading to the mountains for some of Colorado’s best views.  It doesn’t take long to see how much Jason & Brienne enjoy each others company.  These two can’t go a few minutes without laughing, sneaking in a kiss or making some joke. It was an absolute blast to capture their love and we couldn’t be more excited to share these photos with you.  Enjoy!

Boulder_Engagement_Session_0075 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0076 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0077 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0078 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0081 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0085 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0086 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0087 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0088 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0090 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0091 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0092 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0093 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0094 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0095 Boulder_Engagement_Session_0096
  • Wedding Venue Location: Boulder, Colorado

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