Ask most anyone who doesn’t live in Seattle what its like, and they’ll say rainy and overcast. After a visit for Jason & Lauryn’s Fremont Foundry Wedding, I discovered quite the opposite. Lots of sunshine and blue skies, which fit perfect with these two and their beautiful personalities.

Having photographed Lauryns sister’s wedding in Breckenridge last summer, it was a joy knowing I’d get to spend another few days with the Coombs family.

Lauryn started her day with her ladies in the downtown Sheraton. Once in her dress, we made our way to Golden Gardens for a first look under a canopy of trees. After a few portraits in the forest, it was off to downtown Seattle to join the wedding party.

Shortly after, we arrived at the Fremont Foundry for their beautiful wedding ceremony and reception. It was such a great time being able to photograph these two, their friends and their family. Best.

Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0001 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0002 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0003 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0004 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0005 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0006 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0007 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0008 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0009 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0010 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0011 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0012 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0013 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0014 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0015 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0016 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0017 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0018 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0019 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0020 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0021 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0022 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0023 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0024 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0025 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0026 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0027 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0028 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0029 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0030 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0031 Fremont_Foundry_Wedding_0032
  • Wedding Venue: Fremont Foundry
  • Wedding Venue Location: Fremont, Washington

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