We first met Jeff & Kate at a rehearsal dinner we were covering last fall for one of Kate’s bridesmaids, Danielle. We were lucky enough to sit across the table from these two and immediately discovered Jeff’s dry, but gut busting sense of humor. Anyone who has spent a few minutes with these two know that Jeff & Kate share a lot of the same loving characteristics, but more importantly, the ability to make you feel welcomed.

In our chat that night, we talked about their wedding and their search for a venue. A month or so later, meeting with them for their consultation, they decided to have their wedding at the Omni, which Kate happens to be the wedding & event coordinator of.

Arriving to Kate’s suite, it wasn’t but 5 minutes before I was photographing a bunch of naked ladies, wrapped in towels, as we recreated an old photo of Kates mother’s friends. This set the precedent for the day. After hair and makeup was done, we headed to Eldorado Canyon for their first reveal.

The wedding was a perfect mix of tradition, emotion, lightheartedness and knee-slapping-dance-floor-rage. They made the day a perfect reflection of them as a couple, but their closest friends included some flare as well. We witnessed our first special delivery of In-N-Out Burger, which by the way, doesn’t exist in Colorado. A poster of Jeff eating spaghetti, without a shirt, while pretending to smoke cigarettes. Kate’s sister’s speech had everyone rolling.

Not wanting to let the knee-slaping-dance-floor-rage end due to a 10 o’clock noise ordinance, Jeff & Kate surprised everyone with a silent disco. If you’ve never seen it, its amazingly awesome but creepy at the same time. Everyone is fitted with a pair of wireless headphones, of which you can select 1 or 3 stations. In one corner, we had the reds getting down to Jay-Z, the other corner had some 80’s Butt Rock and the rest were crushing it in the middle to some Backstreet. It was so fun to watch, but also so easy to photograph being that we could chat with each other from across the room rather than jumping up and down, waiving my arms for Trent to get a shot.

The whole day was all so memorable, but the speeches and silent disco are something that will stick with us forever. Thank you both for your trust in documenting your wedding day and we hope you enjoy the images.

Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0001 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0002 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0003 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0004 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0005 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0006 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0007 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0009 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0010 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0011 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0013Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0052 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0015 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0016 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0017 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0018 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0019 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0020 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0022 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0023 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0024 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0025 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0026 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0027 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0028 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0029 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0030 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0031 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0032 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0033 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0034 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0035 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0036 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0038 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0039 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0040Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0051Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0042Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0041 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0041bOmni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0043 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0043b Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0043c Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0045 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0046 Omni_Interlocken_Hotel_Wedding_0049

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