It took me a few hours after arriving home late Saturday night to wind down from Jim & Kate’s Arapahoe Basin Wedding. I found myself full of energy and excitement. It didn’t matter how many hours I worked that day or the hills we climbed or how pregnant I was- at 1 am I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing their wedding was. Arapahoe Basin has some amazing views and the chair lift ride up to the venue is spectacular but it was the the people at this wedding that stole my heart. From the minute I arrived, I was treated as if I was family and even Kate’s uncles loaded my car up with all my gear late that night and saw that I got out okay. Everyone in the wedding party, the family, friends and Jim & Kate were a blast to work with.

Thank you both for your trust, your love and for being adventurous on your wedding day. You two have the kind of love that people spend a whole lifetime searching for and it was such an honor to be there and document your wedding day. I wish you all the best.

arapahoe_basin_wedding_0539 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0540arapahoe_basin_wedding_0541 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0542 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0543 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0544arapahoe_basin_wedding_0545 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0546 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0548 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0549arapahoe_basin_wedding_0550 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0551 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0552 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0553 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0554arapahoe_basin_wedding_0555 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0556 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0557 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0558 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0560arapahoe_basin_wedding_0561 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0562 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0563 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0564 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0565arapahoe_basin_wedding_0566 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0567 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0568 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0569 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0570 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0571arapahoe_basin_wedding_0572 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0573 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0574 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0575 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0576 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0577 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0578 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0579 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0580 arapahoe_basin_wedding_0581


  • Wedding Venue: Arapahoe Basin
  • Wedding Venue Location: Keystone, Colorado

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  1. marlys says:

    Soooooo Beautiful. Amazing pictures and of course amazing wedding party. thank you for sharing.

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