It couldn’t of been a more perfect evening for an engagement shoot. We had beautiful light, a small aspen grove, blue skies, a mountain lake and even an elk in the distance who wanted to watch in. It is times like these in Colorado that makes us really appreciate where we live and the backdrops we get to work with. But when you put a couple like JJ & Sara in the scene, things seem to even get better.

Engagement sessions give us a chance to get to know our couples on a more personal note. Spending time with JJ & Sara showed us how much of a perfect fit these two are. It didn’t take long for them to get comfortable behind the camera and their true personalities to come out. Personally we loved the way that Sara laughed at JJ and couldn’t help but smile back behind our cameras. We are looking forward to shooting their wedding next year.

Thanks again JJ and Sara for being so great to work with and going off the beaten path for us. We hope you enjoy your photos.

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  • Wedding Venue Location: Evergreen, Colorado

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