We are always excited when a couple has a new location for an engagement shoot.  When Meg and Kevin suggested we do the shoot at the DU campus in Denver we were ready for some beautiful landscape and old buildings. About half way through the shoot Meg was describing the inside of some of the historical buildings and it instantly appealed to us.  Lucky for us a security guard was driving through the area and we were able to ask him if we could get access into the old library.  After giving the whole ‘we are engaged and really would like to get in for pictures’ speech he couldn’t say no. With our private tour we were able to get some great images in the historic part of DU campus.

Thank you both for being such a great couple to work with and we hope you enjoy the pictures!

DU-Engagement-Photos-1 DU-Engagement-Photos-2 DU-Engagement-Photos-3DU-Engagement-Photos-14 DU-Engagement-Photos-5 DU-Engagement-Photos-6 DU-Engagement-Photos-7 DU-Engagement-Photos-8 DU-Engagement-Photos-9DU-Engagement-Photos-13 DU-Engagement-Photos-11DU-Engagement-Photos-15DU-Engagement-Photos-16 DU-Engagement-Photos-12
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