When Kurt & Kara came to me asking if I knew of any good barns they could use for their engagement shoot, I knew just the place.  And, we were lucky enough to get a sunny warm fall day with no people around.  It was a time full of laughter and sharing stories.  Right away it was easy to see how much these two care for each other.  I wish you two all the best and I hope you enjoy the pictures!Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0073 Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0060 Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0061 Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0062 Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0063 Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0064 Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0065 Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0066 Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0067Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0069Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0070Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0071Longmont_Engagement_Photos_0072

  • Wedding Venue Location: Longmont, Colorado

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