A big part of the Wet Mountain Valley is ranching, so when a ranchers daughter asks you to photograph her wedding, you know its going to be in Westcliffe… and Westcliffe rocks. It is an amazingly tranquil little town nestled just below the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. One of its best qualities, is that it still has its old fashion identity. Having not been run over by tourism or development, things seem more peaceful here.

Where to start with Lia and Ross… She smiles a lot, and does most of Ross’s talking, but together, they make a fantastic couple. They both share an passion for the outdoors and enjoy every bit of living in Colorado. On their wedding day, Ross was again a man of few words, and Lia’s smile was glued to her face. What an amazing husband and wife you’ll make for each other. Thanks again for the opportunity and enjoy your beautiful Beckwith Ranch wedding photos.

Beckwith Ranch Wedding
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