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Little Bear, Blanca & Ellingwood Peak

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Near the beginning of Sept 2011, we decided to tackle Little Bear, Blanca and Ellingwood peaks in the Sangre de Cristo Range. Little Bear is considered one of the most difficult 14er routes in Colorado and by far the most challenging peak I’ve ever climbed. We hiked up to Lake Como on day one, climbed Little Bear on day two using the west approach and the Hour Glass. On day three, we summited Ellingwood and Blanca and then headed back out on Lake Como Road.

I’m a much better photographer than videographer, but this is an attempt at splicing together a video the briefly sums up the trip. Enjoy.

Little Bear, Blanca & Ellingwood from Trent Gillespie on Vimeo.

5 Responses

  1. Emily_joy12 says:

    Loved watchin it. Thanks bro. Would much rather watch then do but I loved seein it.

  2. Jamie Alperin says:

    NICE TRENT!!!! I’m way impressed :)  I had to watch this with no sound bc I’m at work and still loved it! can’t wait to watch it later with sound for the full effect!!!

  3. Susan Binger says:

    Wow that is amazing – loved it (and the music was perfect)!

  4. Jan says:

    Oh, my gosh!  I had no idea you guys were doing this type of climbing!  I will double my prayers next time…  Beautiful, though.  I’m so glad you filmed it!

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