Engaged in April, Mark & Kate decided to go for it, planning their Camp Hale Wedding in only four months. This didn’t leave much time to squeeze in engagements, so we treated it as a photo date. We started off our evening at Stem Ciders before exploring the Rino District for some colorful portraits of these two, finishing up at Union Station in downtown Denver.

We often tell couples engagement photos are more ‘hanging out’ than they are standing in a park, holding hands. It was a great time wondering the alleys with these two for their Rino District Brewery Engagement. Surprisingly, we’ve already shot their wedding and will be delivering those photos in the near future. I think that is a first for us, but leave it to a project manager and architect to plan an amazing wedding in such short time. Enjoy the photos.

Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0001 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0002 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0003 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0004 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0005 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0006 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0007 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0008 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0009 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0010 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0011 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0012 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0013 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0014 Brewery_Engagement_Photos_0015
  • Wedding Venue: Stem Ciders
  • Wedding Venue Location: Denver, Colorado

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