When fall hits, so does our inbox, and its hard for us to squeeze everyone in, especially a trip to Aspen for a Maroon Bells Engagement shoot. Katie was on top of it though… and nailed the timing of the leaves. We had the brightest reds, yellows and oranges to work with. Colors only go so far though. Nick and Katie were a blast to work with. Such a genuine couple and could not have asked for better subjects to photograph. Thanks again you two.

Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0001 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0002 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0003 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0004 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0005 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0006 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0007 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0008 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0009 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0010 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0011 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0012 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0013 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0014 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0015 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0016 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0017 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0018 Maroon-Bells-Engagement_0019

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  1. What is your general rate for a Maroon Bells wedding?

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