We often tell our couples to “just run” or “tackle him” and Matt & Jamie fit this bill just fine. For their Lake Dillon Engagement, we started with some snowshoeing, without actually having snowshoes, which led us to trudging through 3 foot drifts. “Off the path” is what we tell our couples during consultations, but sometimes there is never a path to begin with.

After some photos with the 10 Mile Range in the background, we drove to the opposite side of Lake Dillon for some beautiful silloute pictures with Buffalo Mountain in the background.

Lastly, we headed up to Sapphire Point for a quick shot of the sunset and a few more laughs, smiles and jokes. Thanks again you two for being such awesome sports as we ran through the elements. Your wedding at 10 Mile Station this fall will now be a breeze. Enjoy the preview of your Lake Dillon Engagement.

Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0001 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0002 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0003 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0004 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0005 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0006 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0007 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0008 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0009 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0011 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0012 Lake_Dillon_Engagement_0013
  • Wedding Venue: Lake Dillon
  • Wedding Venue Location: Frisco, Colorado

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  1. Beautiful photos! Sure hope that snow is gone by August.

  2. Aunt Kitty says:

    Just beautiful! You guys look so happy and in love! So happy you found each other! Love you! Looking forward to your big day!!
    Aunt Kitty

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