From start to finish, Aaron & Vivana’s Mile High Station Wedding was one of the most thrilling weddings we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. Not a dull moment within our 16 hours of coverage, a first for us both. There weren’t very many opportunities to set down our cameras, but we like that. It’s a great time when you’re snapping a story-line full of culture, color and a bit of craziness.

Being able to shoot bridal prep photos at the Mile High Station was a treat in itself. Its a venue with a character and personality. After some makeup and hair, we all headed over to Saint Mary Magdalene Church for the “I Do’s.” Soon after, once the wedding parties had a chance to ruffle their feathers, it was game on. Our afternoon consisted of stops by the Millennium Bridge in downtown Denver and a photo shoot next to some bright colored buildings off Colfax ave.

Then came the reception and our cameras couldn’t catch a break. The night started out with an entire choreographed dance to Footloose. We also can’t say that we’ve ever photographed a groom in his skivvies on the dance floor, but something about it just fit. The whole wedding fit… and we loved every bit of it.

Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0001 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0002 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0003 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0004 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0005 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0006 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0007 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0008 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0009 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0010 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0011 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0012 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0013 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0014 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0015 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0016 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0017 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0018 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0019 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0020 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0021 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0022 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0023 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0024Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0049 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0026 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0027 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0028 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0029 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0030 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0031 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0032 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0033 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0034 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0035 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0036 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0037 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0038 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0039 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0040 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0042 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0043 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0044 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0045 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0046 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0047 Mile-High-Station-Wedding_0048

Mile High Station Wedding Details & Vendors

Wedding Dress:
Bridal Boutique: David’s Bridal
Florist: Mainstreet Flower Market
Mariachi Band: Mariachi Sol de mi Tierra
Live Band: Los Chavos Dun Dun
Groom’s Outfit: Al’s Formal Wear
Hair & Makeup: Beauty on location by Liz
Video: Angel Andres

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