After the Becker wedding last year, Stacy and I both told the Schultzs’ they really should start up a wedding venue business. They knocked it out of the park the first time, and now a second time. However, as much fun as plywood dance parties, beautiful scenery and gracious hosts make for a stellar wedding, those things aren’t what actually make a wedding. Its the couple. Chris & Kathleen’s new relationship is the only thing that doesn’t get torn down and packed into boxes.

Chris and Kathleen, having met at her sister’s wedding a year ago, wanted their own wedding, which it was. However, it was our third time photographing Lindsay doing the worm, and the second time Steve and Patti had the guests gasping for air as they roasted Kathleen. We could also make an entire album of Makenna’s first year of weddings.

With that being said, we’re all for setting down the camera so we can enjoy a little time on the dance floor. Every so often a guest picks it up and gives it a whirl. Upon seeing this, I quickly gave Ryder a 20 second crash course on dragging the shutter and he actually managed to pull it off. A few of the photos below are copyright Ryder Becker. Your royalty check is in the mail.

Enjoy a small snapshot of Chris & Kathleen’s wedding in Westcliffe, CO.

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