Things are starting to warm up, which means one thing. Engagement season… which quickly turns into wedding season. So as work begin to ramp up, we’re glad for couples that want engagement photos. It gives us time to chat, explore and work with like minded people. Its not simply a “go stand over there” type of thing, but rather a time to laugh and get to know each other.

Our time with Neal & Andrea was just that. While a little windy, we managed to sneak some photos in-between the gusts… but more importantly we learned about where they came from and whats important to them. We like to think of it as going deeper than news, weather and sports. Their wedding at the Oxford Hotel will be here before we know it, and we’re glad that Neal & Andrea are now friends of ours. Thanks you two… “Nailed it GQ style.”

Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-1Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-2 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-3 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-4 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-5 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-6 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-7 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-8 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-9 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-10 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-11 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-12 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-13 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-14 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-15 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-16 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-17 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-18 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-19 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-20 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-21 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-22 Cheesman-Park-Denver-Engagement-23

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